Happy anniversary to Love Africa Press!

It’s no secret that I love romance novels. 😊

When I was a teenager, I searched actively for romance novels with African characters that looked like me and found very few.

Now, the romance genre in Africa is growing and awareness that there are many stories about the continent to be told is increasing.

There’s not only war, strife, political division and corruption, there’s also love, romance, family, marriage, divorce, education and so on.

One year ago, Love Africa Press (LAP) joined the narrative of promoting African love stories. And I’ve published 2 books with LAP.

The family of awesome romance authors is growing rapidly, and I’m grateful to be a part of that family. 

We are celebrating!

Join us on Friday September 6 as we celebrate Love Africa Press’s one year anniversary in the Love Africa Book Lounge Facebook group.

Event starts at noon (London BST) and runs until midnight. Please see graphic for timezones.

See you there!👇


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  1. I love getting to the first kiss in a book, too. I love the anticipation, the uncertainty of when it’s going to happen. I love the buildup to it. Sometimes I get impatient for it to come. But that’s part of the fun. This is a sweet scene. Both a bit hesitant, but definitely aching for it. 😍😋😘

    1. Thanks. I also love that slow build up to the first kiss. I love that feeling of wanting it to happen so much that when it eventually does, I feel a sense of relief. 😆

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