Teaser Thursday- Thorns And Roses

Hello dearies. How are you all coping with social distancing and self-isolation?

I’ve had varying reactions to the situation all week. Sometimes I feel exhilarated to be spending more time with my family, but there are times that they get too much.

I haven’t found enough quiet time to write. I’m still on Chapter 3 of my current work in progress. Hopefully, soon, this would all be over. In the meantime, I wish everyone all the very best, and remember to keep safe as much as you can.

This week, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from Thorns and Roses. In this scene, Chuma meets Ifeoma for the first time in her restaurant and pays for his meal with a bit of advice for her. However, she wasn’t impressed by his show of concern. 


“I don’t need your money, and I don’t need any man telling me what is safe for me.”

Astonished by her vehemence and unexpected response, Chuma was speechless. She held her hand towards him for a few more seconds.

“I’m sorry,” Chuma apologised, rising from his seat and placing his hand over hers. “It’s not my place to tell you what’s safe for you.” 

His apology surprised him because he rarely apologised to anyone. But then again, in the few minutes of meeting this strange lady standing before him, he’d done things he rarely ever did. Touching her now, a jolt of awareness passed through his skin from hers. This was not him; he did not believe in mushy feelings. 

Needing to clear his head, he exhaled before saying, “Keep the money, Ifeoma.” He paused briefly. “Be careful when going home, okay?”


I hope you enjoyed reading. Please drop a comment below.

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