Coming Soon — The Judge’s Secret.

?Coming Soon ?

The Judge’s Secret

I’ll be sharing bits of chapter one and two of The Judge’s Secret until it’s released. *hint* In a few days ???‍♀️

I’m so excited! Can’t wait to share this story with you all.

Here’s the blurb.

 A Dutiful Daughter 

Justice Iyoma Haruna has always done her father’s bidding, an arranged marriage included. Though cries of nepotism now surround her judgeship, she’s vowed to prove herself worthy. Then, the one man who made her forget duty walks into her courtroom. The only man who knows her secret. Will one night of forbidden passion blow her life to bits? 

A Dragon-slaying Barrister

Bespectacled Femi Williams appears mild-mannered, but he takes on the rich and powerful in defense of the weak. And he wins. Not in his personal life, though, so Femi’s sworn off romance. Appearing before Justice Iyoma Haruna, he knows they’ve met. But where and when eludes him. When he realizes just who she is and what she did, will he expose her as a liar and fraud?

Or will he make her his?


Teaser from Chapter One

“The new judge is a woman,” Felicity added. “Justice Haruna.”

Femi quirked his head and widened his eyes. 

“A woman, are you sure? There’s only one on the High Court, and it’s not Justice Haruna.” Femi reached for his black suit jacket slung over the front seat and fished his phone out of the inside pocket. “Do you know anything about her?”

“Yes, I googled her immediately.” Felicity pulled her mobile phone from her purse. With a tap of the screen, she placed the small device between them. “She’s recently appointed, a transfer from Lagos.”

Femi peered at the grainy photograph of Justice Haruna, dressed in complete legal regalia. The large black gown with a white collarette hugging her neck almost swallowed her slender frame. The traditional judicial white wig framed both sides of her oval face. A face with a deep scowl and devoid of makeup that looked none too happy.  

“She’s very young. Looks like she’s barely out of her twenties,” remarked Femi. He plucked the phone from his assistant’s hand and stared at the screen.

“She’s thirty-six, according to the online rumours,” Felicity said. She placed a finger over her jaw with a thoughtful look in her eyes. “I also found out from the Internet that her father is a Senior Advocate, a Mr Oseni. He’s a close friend to the governor.”

“Must be one of those over-privileged judges pushed to the top by strong connections and very little experience,” Femi huffed.

Curious, he stretched his thumb and forefinger over the small screen to enlarge the image. An uneasy rumbling stirred at the base of his stomach as he focused on Justice Haruna. Something about the woman was very familiar, especially the eyes. He’d seen her before. Felt like he’d met her. Why did he feel like he knew her intimately—a complete stranger? 


Thanks for reading. Look out for a part of chapter one tomorrow ?

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