Teaser Thursday — The Judges’s Secret

As promised, here’s another glimpse at a segment of Chapter One.


Femi fell silent. Somehow, he knew deep down that whatever his encounter with the judge, it hadn’t merely been in passing. But he just couldn’t place it, and regardless, he had other things to think about, like the case. 

He would have to let it go for now. Besides, he could just ask her when the court proceedings ended today. Maybe she’d remember.

Femi shook off the bizarre feeling that seeing Justice Haruna had aroused. Determined to get his mind back on the case, he turned to Felicity again.

“Are all the documents ready for today? We need to win this one for Jacinta’s sake.”

“Yes, sir, everything is set. She can’t go back to her mother.” Felicity patted the stacks of files in her lap, shaking her head in disgust. “What an evil woman. Aware of her daughter’s abuse and allowing it to happen. She doesn’t deserve custody, and we’ll make sure she doesn’t get it. We’re prepared, sir.”

 “Good, Felicity, good.” Femi ground his jaw as he flicked his gaze out of the car window. “And you’re right. Enslaving young children under the guise of a legal guardianship agreement is evil. It’s a recipe for abuse, and the practice has to be stamped out.”

Felicity blew out a sorrowful sigh. “Hopefully, after today, Jacinta will never have to go through that again.”

Femi nodded. “Whoever this new judge is, we have to convince her of that.”

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