Teaser— The Governor’s Wife

This week’s excerpt is a scene from The Governor’s Wife. Ogonna is reminiscing about the past with Philip.

Sometimes reminding an ex about good times is a way to begin discussing unresolved issues. It can also be a tool to try and prevent him/her from moving on.

Do you think talking with an ex about a past relationship is necessary for closure? 


Philip was living their dream without her. Living it with someone else—his fiancée. A profound envy of the woman shuddered through Ogonna, tightening her abdominal muscles. And an uncontrollable desire to remind him of their past overwhelmed her.

She turned to him. “Remember when I used to sneak out from my house in the evenings to ride on your motorcycle with you?”

Philip swept his eyes in her direction and his lips turned upwards into a reminiscent half-smile. 

“As if I could forget.” He chuckled. “You always pretended to be frightened so you could hold me tight.”

Ogonna laughed. “Oh, so you knew all along…and here I thought I was being slick.” She stuck out her tongue in playful jest. “I must confess, I enjoyed our first trip on that bike so much I became reckless, hardly able to wait for the next time.”

She heard Philip’s wistful sigh, and her chest warmed. What lovely memories they’d shared on that motorbike. 


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