Through the Fire— Breakup scene

Hi friends! This week I’ll be sharing a breakup scene from one of my novels, Through the Fire.

(Should I be worried that I love writing breakup scenes?)

This snippet shows Oke standing her ground and refusing to shortchange herself. 


“What about all the things we talked about? Getting married? Having a family. What about the many times you said you loved me? Doesn’t any of that count? Are you really saying it’s over?”

 “Yes, Arinze. I do love you, and I still intend to try to have a child. That has not changed.” 

Oke rose to her feet.

“But I watched my father hurt my mother, then my mother hurt me and my sister. All because of love, marriage and relationships. I won’t do that to myself, to you, and certainly not to an innocent baby,” she said, a solemn expression on her face.

 “You obviously have some issues from your past to deal with, and admittedly, so do I. But we can’t do it together. And I won’t have a child born in a relationship with parents who would ever hurt each other so badly.”

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Amaka Azie

She explores the beauty and intricacies of the continent in her sweet and sensual love stories. Her books showcase bold and exciting female and male African main characters with compelling storylines. She was named one of the most influential authors under Forty by the Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) for the year 2017. Apart from getting lost in creating fascinating fictional characters, Amaka enjoys reading, painting and traveling with her family. She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and daughters where she also practices part-time as a family Doctor.

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