First beta reader feedback received!

Hi everyone.

I sent my manuscript out to beta readers last week and I’ve been jittery with nerves since then.

I’ll explain why. The current romance novel I’m working on dragged me off my pre-planned outline and far off the tangent for weeks. It took me a long time to go with the flow and accept my characters’ lead.

Eventually, I managed to complete the manuscript, but without confidence, because it didn’t follow my initial plan.

I recently received feedback from my first beta reader and I’m feeling energised again about the manuscript.

It wasn’t a “throw the entire story away” kind of feedback. And that’s a good start.

The plot is not bad at all. In fact, it was described as solid by the beta reader.

Based on that awesome and honest feedback, I only have to work on fixing a few plot holes, clarifying timeline issues, and getting rid of all my unnecessary adverbs. A mistake I often make.

All in all, I want my readers to know, I’m back on the grind, and I’m still at it.

Hopefully, you’ll get to share the journey of the characters in this story with me.

Till then, if you haven’t already read any of my stories, they are available on online platforms like kindle, nook, kobo, Okadabooks, Bambooks, iTunes, and as paperbacks from Amazon and RovingHeights, Nigeria.

Thanks for all your support.

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  1. Well done! I don’t know why the adverb thing is such a big issue. I also get adverbs flagged in pro writing aid when I am editing. Apparently the rule is to use them sparingly. I wonder why…

    1. Thanks. I think the idea is that if you have described something adequately, the adverb takes away from the effectiveness of that description. So using words like ‘quickly’ may remove from the imagination of the reader. Better to describe that action. They say instead of “he walked away quickly”, it’s more effective to say, “he marched out” etc.
      So, I’m working on reducing adverbs. Even did an online course on that. hehehe.
      One step at a time.

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