Teaser Thursday — The Governor’s Wife

This week’s teaser is from The Governor’s wife.

In this passionate scene, Ogonna is torn about being with Philip because he is engaged to another woman. They’re at the front entrance to her home after a night out. ?


Completely controlled by primitive instincts now, Philip reached for the button of her jeans. No sooner had he done so than heavy drops of rain suddenly unleashed from the dark skies descended on them.

Ogonna froze. “Stop! Phil!” she ordered frantically, her palms on his chest, pushing him away. “Stop…we can’t do this. You are engaged.”

He froze, too. Dazed. Aroused.

“I won’t do this,” she cried out again, pushing him off her and hopping down from the bike. “I won’t be the other woman!” With that, she bolted for the front door.

Standing immobilized in the rain, Philip watched as she disappeared into the building, slamming the door. 

Other woman? What the hell did she mean? 

Frustrated, he climbed on the bike and zoomed off. His pe*is was hard as a rock, but his thoughts jumbled. 

“Other woman?” he muttered into the night. “How can she think she’s the other woman?” Philip drove aimlessly around the area, trying to clear his head, oblivious to the pouring rain drenching his body. His mind suddenly became filled with memories of all the years she’d occupied his dreams, his rage, his energy. 

“Other woman, my foot!” he shouted angrily, turning the motorbike around and speeding back to her building. 

He was there in less than fifteen minutes. Leaping off the bike, Philip rushed to the main gate and yelled for the gateman who although appearing startled, opened up for him. Then he ran to the front door and banged three times. 

“Ogonna!” he hollered. “Open this fucking door!”

Seconds later, the door swung open. There she stood, trembling, mouth swollen from his kisses, eyes shining with desire.

“Other woman?” Philip rasped as he lifted her in his arms and crushed his mouth against hers for a searing wet kiss. 

“You. Have. Occupied. My. Entire. Life,” he said between hot kisses on her mouth, her cheek, her jaw and then back to her mouth again. “You have always been my one and only woman, Ogonna.”


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