Conversations with an ex— The Senator’s Daughter

The side-chick is usually vilified in fiction. The horrible woman who “steals” other women’s husbands. 

Now, I know that there’s a moral question about a woman going after or accepting advances from a married man. 

But where is the outrage for the married man? The one with the commitment? The one who has more to lose?

What about men who lie about their marital status?

Have you ever considered that the “side-chick” may not have known?

In this scene, Rita bumps into her ex— the married man who had deceived her.


Feeling like the world was crashing down on her, Rita turned around briskly hoping to slip away before he spotted her. Unfortunately, the universe was not on her side.

“Rita,” she heard Kingsley call out. She stopped and slowly turned back towards him, using the time to arrange her face into a cheerful smile.

She watched as he walked over to her, holding onto his wife’s hand. How could life be so cruel? Please let the ground open up and swallow me whole. Now.

“I can see you still gallivant in the clubs,” he said with a mocking twist of his lips.

Rita swallowed the retort that rushed to her throat, determined not to react to his pettiness. “Hello, Kingsley, nice to see you again,” she muttered instead.

“You, too, Rita,” he replied. Then turning to his wife, he added, “Meet my wife, Oby.”

“Rita Obaseki,” Rita quickly volunteered, not wanting to hear her name on Kingsley’s lips.

She forced another smile as she exchanged pleasantries with Kingsley’s wife.

“So, are you still single? I thought you would be married by now. Last I heard, you were engaged to a Senator’s son. What happened to that?” Kingsley continued, irritating Rita further. “You’re not getting any younger, Rita. The clock is ticking fast.”

She felt her blood boil with anger. How dare this cheat look down on her singleness when he had stepped out on his wife!


Hope you enjoyed reading.

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