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Happy new week lovelies!

This week, I’ll be sharing an excerpt from After the Rain, my latest book release and the final book of the Lagos Plastic Surgeons trilogy.

In this scene, Dr Segun Akintola is watching Miss Rain perform at Ozone strip club for the first time.


She performed a split while high up on the pole, then twirled downwards again, all the while wriggling her hips, the lower half of her body moving with a will of its own. Mesmerising. 

Spellbound, Segun held his breath, his fingers tight against the stem of his champagne flute, his gaze fastened on her.

The three other women at the periphery doing their own routine didn’t exist to him. Only Miss Rain.

The grace with which she moved, the seductive flare in her eyes as she made love to the pole with her body, drew him in. There was an art to the fluidity of her bones, not just aiming to arouse, but also to captivate, to ensnare. Similar to the tune of a flute played by an experienced snake charmer to control the reptile.

Right now, their positions reversed. As if she were the snake charmer, blowing out a hypnotic tune on the flute. And he the snake—under her spell. Unable to move, to breathe, to do anything without her command. And what she commanded was his full attention. 

Purchase links:

Amazon (UK): https://amzn.to/3Mfytb7

Amazon (USA): https://amzn.to/3MmiOGQ

OkadaBooks: https://store.okadabooks.com/book/about/after_the_rain/53069

Bambooks: https://bambooks.io/book/share/after-the-rain/16008

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Amaka Azie

She explores the beauty and intricacies of the continent in her sweet and sensual love stories. Her books showcase bold and exciting female and male African main characters with compelling storylines. She was named one of the most influential authors under Forty by the Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) for the year 2017. Apart from getting lost in creating fascinating fictional characters, Amaka enjoys reading, painting and traveling with her family. She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and daughters where she also practices part-time as a family Doctor.

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