Teaser— My sister’s Bestie


This weeks excerpt is a scene from My Sister’s Bestie.

Here Adanna just discovers that her bestie is sneaking around with her brother behind her back.

Would you be happy to find your sibling in a romantic/sexual relationship with your good friend?


“How could you, Brenda?” 

Her tone is low and broken, her face drawn with shock and pain.

But why? 

Ugo and I are grown, free to date anyone we wish. 

Adanna has no right to act like we’ve set a building on fire.

“How could I what?” I know I sound defensive, but I can’t help it.

“Don’t act dumb, Brenda, ’cos you’re not.” She moves closer to the table and peers at the screen, her eyes narrowed in concentration. Almost as if the harder she looks, the quicker the picture of us will disappear from the screen … and reality.

“He’s my brother for goodness’ sake, Brenda, not one of your play toys.”

“Play toys? Who says I’m playing—”

Her loud hiss cuts me off. Her eyes roll not once but twice. 

“C’mon, Brenda. Let’s not play. I know what you do with men. You date them, screw them, and send them on their way. String them along, using them as a weapon against your mother.”

She twists her lips into a sneer. “But this time, you’ve crossed the line. With my brother? How could you?”

Every word of her accusation pierces my heart like arrows hitting a dartboard. Viciously accurate, each one a bull’s eye. I clench my jaw, fighting back an angry retort. It would be pointless. 

I’ve revealed too much over the years to give credence to any defence I might lodge. She’s absolutely right about me.

Just not this time.


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