Teaser- Thorns and Roses

This week’s excerpt is from Thorns and Roses. Here, Ifeoma is having second thoughts about an intimate moment with Chuma.


She missed him. She was also angry with him. He had not shown up at the canteen for the past four days.

Why did I have to kiss him? Ifeoma asked herself repeatedly. That kiss, that whole passionate episode had altered her world. Every time she thought about it, her entire body tingled. Her body had come alive with his touch; never had she felt so feminine in her life.

Now, Chuma had disappeared. Not a word from him apart from a short text message the morning after their boat trip telling her that he had a family emergency. He had not even replied her text asking him what the emergency was. Ifeoma was no fool; she knew he was just trying to politely turn her down.

Angry with herself for letting him get under her skin, she pounded the yam with more force than necessary. I don’t need him, she thought angrily. I don’t need any man.

Only those thoughts did not give her the comfort that she needed. She missed everything about him. His confidence, the way he took charge and prevented her from having to do so, his voice, his laugh. 


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